Behind cbgráfica

Behind cbgráfica

About me

Name: Luis Ahmed
Position: Art Director and Creator of Cbgráfica Design Studio.

I’m Architect graduated but I realized that design is what I really love to do. I’m working as professional designer since 2000. At the moment I work hard to get ahead with Cbgráfica.

I really enjoy this job; I created clean and beautiful corporate identities, logos and illustrations. I'm constantly tried to develop my skills and abilities.

School, Career

I attended Universidad Central de Las Villas there, I graduated with golden diploma in 1994 as an Architect, then because of  the economical situation in that days I decided to become a graphic designer, looking for more jobs opportunities. In the years following, I worked in traditional print design, but in 1998 I moved to Havana and began practicing design for the Web and other interactive media.

In 1999, I start to work as Web designer at a first American online travel agency in Cuba, my employer was a famous CIA Former Officer Philip Agee. I helped to create a nice new corporate image for the company ( and build all stationery, fair stands, and many other things. 

Since summer of 2004, I have been working as freelance designer, with a lot of project proudly completed. Include two magazines, many websites and several multimedia and enhanced DVD for musicians and other artist. Now I join with a group of professional friends to create Cbgráfica Digital Agency hoping to reach our most ambitious goal that is be one of the most successful company in graphic design business on Latin America and The Caribbean.

About is online since December 2007. This project is an effort of many. Programmers and designers, who love the web and prints at the same time. We make this online portfolio to establish the smoothest communication way between our team and clients, we love to work and care about client needs.

Cbgrá Actual Team Members

Armando Leon: Web Developer

Javier Cadiz: iOS Developer, Web Developer

Alejandro Torres Veiga: Android Developer

Carlos Alberto Quintanilla Abad: Graphics Designer


Cbgráfica Digital Agency is a brand of Arcanos Digital Development, Trading & Investment S.A., until now we have offices in two countries Panama and Cuba.


Vía Argentina, No.19, El Cangrejo, Panama City, Panama.
Phone: (507) 64232177
Office Responder:Lic. Jorge Guerra Guerra

Now you know me and know about us so why not to contact us, come and drop me some lines here. Our main difference from competitor is the deep knowledge of our job combine with an excellent ability to understand the client’s major needs. If you have a business and want to multiply your income by launching an online project, believe me Cbgráfica knows how to do that.